Brad A. Miller, Esq. 
Managing Member

Brad Miller graduated from Westmont College in 1984.  After that he was involved as an entrepreneur who built and managed several businesses including a public policy journal, a landscape management corporation and a youth sports organization.  During much of that time he was involved in coaching and youth ministry in Southern California.   He later obtained his Juris Doctor in 2000 from the Northwestern University School of Law.  He was admitted to the Colorado Bar that same year and spent six years in a large firm before founding this firm. 

Mr. Miller's community involvement: 

Colorado Charter School Institute - Mr. Miller was appointed as a board member by the commissioner of Education.

Colorado League of Charter Schools - Mr. Miller was elected as a board member.

Landsharks Running Club - Mr. Miller is a board member. 

Mr. Miller practices in the following areas:

Nonprofit corporations -Mr. Miller has formed new corporations, assisted nonprofits in obtaining 501C3 recognition from the IRS, assisted charitable and religious organizations with issues related to governance, risk management, taxation, contracting and legal compliance.  He is a published author on nonprofit taxation issues and governance issues.

Education law and charter school law - Mr. Miller has represented large school districts and a number of private and charter schools with policy development and legal compliance, risk management, student discipline, property issues, contract matters and governance.  His children attend a charter school in Colorado Springs.  He is a conference presenter on legal issues for the Colorado League of Charter Schools.

Employment law - Mr. Miller represents businesses, schools and school districts and nonprofit and religious organizations in establishing sound employee policies and practices and in litigation that may arise in these areas.

Business law - Mr. Miller has a strong background in contract formation and negotiations as well as experience in contract and insurance-related litigation.